Hello, I’m Joni

an excitable brand strategist

Joining the CCArts Board

20 March 2022

I joined the board of the Center for the Creative Arts (CCArts) in nearby Yorklyn, Delaware last week and am completely thrilled. After attending a Yorklyn Days event several years ago I became familiar with the Center. It’s located in an adorable old school building in one of my favorite parts of Delaware, surrounded by woods, trails, and old industrial buildings being taken over by nature.

There’s a wildflower field there where Ben and I release monarchs and Tillie gets her hair cut at a cute little grooming shop behind what used to be House Industries. I find that I go there quite often, each time noticing and thinking about CCArts.

I signed Ben up for a weekend clay class which provided the opportunity to see the inside of the building and experience what their classes are like. It’s been something that he’s really gotten into and we’ve started to do it at home together too. We were impressed and signed him up for summer camps there as well. He’s always gotten a lot out of crafts and being openly creative–I’m thrilled to see what other new interests he develops there.

He’s a shy kid and I believe art and art programs have really helped him get more comfortable in his own skin.

Preview of clay being molded and Yorklyn, DE

It’s definitely the type of kind and welcoming environment that allows kids (and adults!) to explore new artistic hobbies and careers. They learn new ways of expressing and understanding themselves, gain confidence, make lasting friendships, build fine motor skills, and develop unique problem solving skills. Plus, it just brings so much joy and fulfillment to make beautiful, tangible things with your hands that are a part of you to share with others.

When I was younger, art got me through very challenging times. In sitting down to draw I was able to be truly in the moment, with the complete absence of worry. It allowed me to focus and pushed my creativity in a way that directly supports my current career as a designer.

The mission of inspiring, transforming, and enriching the lives of people of all ages and abilities through the arts is one that felt especially powerful and relevant. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and realized that was significant–I wanted to be directly involved in carrying out such an important mission.

From drawing and painting, to pottery and clay classes, to live performances and music lessons, to performance art and more, there’s simply so much to be energized about within the CCArts community.

Images or CCArts art classes in session and live band
Photos used with permission by CCArts

The executive director, Melissa Paolercio, and I met to discuss how I could help the Center with a marketing and design skillset. I learned more about the programs, the building, and the people. The more I learned the more certain I was that I wanted to make the commitment involved with being on the board and I was voted in on March 16th–attending the first board meeting that same day.

The Center has been doing incredible work in the community for over 38 years, and I’m honored to be a part of the next few–and anxious to get to work! If you happen to live in the area and are looking to try out a new art class I couldn’t recommend CCArts enough. And maybe I’ll see you there 😀