Hello, I’m Joni

an excitable brand strategist


Joni Trythall here, nice to (virtually) meet you. I’m busy launching friendly and impactful marketing sites for startups and developers. I’ve worked remotely for nearly a decade and am currently based at the tip-top of Delaware.

I spend most of my days communicating with the best clients, raising monarch butterflies and a human child, and failing to keep 10-foot-tall sunflowers upright.

Over the years I’ve worked as a front-end developer and product designer, led design teams, founded Ela Conf, taught development workshops to women and kids, raised essential funds for nonprofits, and now run my own small agency called YupGup. Having a hand in all these sides of these diverse projects has helped me better understand what it takes to get things launched, to get things funded, and how much I ultimately enjoy the client relationship and project management parts of it all more than anything.

I’m driven to work with kind, passionate people that care about solving problems for others.

One of my greatest professional passions is around transparency in process. From initial sales outreach through discovery and a live project, the process is where I spend most of my time and attention. While it’s constantly evolving and ultimately tailored to each individual client, the common themes for me as a project manager are over-communication, kindness, and organization at a radical level.

My clients know exactly what to expect and that I’ll excitedly come up with creative solutions to any bumps we hit along our journey. I’m always there, advocating for them. I look forward to seeing them each week on our video calls and getting to know them well enough to send along the perfect gift when then project launches.

There’s nothing more rewarding to me than taking a task that seems larger than life and intimidating and making it not only manageable and possible but also enjoyable.

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