Hello, I’m Joni

an excitable creative director


Joni Trythall here, nice to (virtually) meet you. I’m busy crafting friendly and impactful brands and communities that value genuine, lasting connections. I’ve worked remotely for over a decade and am currently based at the tip-top of Delaware.

I spend most of my days communicating with the best clients, running Wiggle Work, raising leafcutter bees, and failing to keep 10-foot-tall sunflowers upright.

Over the years, I’ve worked as a front-end developer and product designer, led design teams, founded Ela Conf, taught development workshops to women and kids, wrote A Pocket Guide to Writing SVG, raised essential funds for nonprofits, and now run my own micro agency called YupGup. Having a hand in all these diverse projects has helped me better understand what it takes to get things funded, launched, and in front of the right adoring audiences. I have perfectly positioned myself to thrive in brand management and creative direction, carrying out marketing efforts rooted in mutual trust and true engagement.

I’m driven to work with sincere, genuine people who care about the experiences of others.

I have primarily focused on promoting transparency in processes and fostering positive communities in my professional career. I dedicate the majority of my time and attention to building relationships and developing strategies, starting from initial sales outreach through project discovery and up to execution. From high-level ideas to a fully formed, detailed brand with a mission, values, and just the right identity, clients come to me for my varied skillset, proven experience, and eagerness to overdeliver and get things just right.

My clients know exactly what to expect, and they can count on me to enthusiastically come up with creative solutions to any challenges we encounter along the way—I am always there to advocate for them. I enjoy our weekly video calls and getting to know them well enough to send the perfect gift when the project launches.

There is nothing more rewarding and motivating to me than shaping experiences that are enjoyed, celebrated, effective, and meaningful.