Hello, I’m Joni

an excitable brand strategist

Initial Exploration: ChatGPT and ADHD

23 September 2023

I have been hyperfocused lately on AI use’s current and future implications in general, but more specifically with ChatGPT and neurodiversity. Ultimately, trying to think of all the potential ways it can create more inclusive and accessible jobs, classrooms, and communities–not only as a tool for neurodivergent individuals but for others looking to better understand and adequately accommodate them. As always, I figured a blog post would be the best way to get my head straight around all these exciting and hopeful thoughts.

Welcoming Wiggle Work

13 September 2023

I attempted to start a space for remote, flexible, part-time, transparent jobs a few years ago, pre-pandemic. There was overwhelming interest in this from a job-seeker aspect. However, employers proved less than enthusiastic–taking issue with the flexible, part-time, and transparent (pay-wise) aspects of what Wiggle Work was supposed to be all about. After a few months of effort, I gave up on the idea, always clinging to the general concept of their being a safe space for people desiring and needing this type of lifestyle.

ADHD: More Than Hilarious Memes

31 August 2023

I was inspired to write more about this based on a Mastodon post I published this week. Essentially, I’ve become burned out with the “ADHD LOL” meme culture and general lack of consideration for all the excessively negative aspects of either having ADHD yourself, living with someone with ADHD, or what is becoming more common: both. ADHD can undoubtedly be funny, but when most of our societal exposure consists mainly of these light-hearted glimpses into the disorder, a genuine lack of understanding and empathy takes hold.

Raising Monarch Babies

24 August 2023

Another pollinator post to wrap up the summer! This is one of my longest-lived hobbies. Years ago, I bought freshly hatched monarch caterpillars from Monarch Watch. I envisioned that my son would be especially interested in this and take over–but that’s not how this played out. I became so utterly fascinated and involved in raising these absolute wonders. Even after all this time and exposure, I still find it incredible and fulfilling.

Buzzy Bee Butts

06 August 2023

We’re in the middle of a thrilling time of year again: leafcutter bee season. I genuinely look forward to this for months, and while this year was a rocky start with chilly temps and fires, things are starting to slowly pick up. These incredible creatures are more efficient pollinators than honey bees (which are invasive to the US) and are non-aggressive.

Looking to Contribute to a Nonprofit Board

07 February 2021

I’m looking for a nonprofit board to join and I figured a blog post could be a way to put this out into the world–I understand these are not always advertised roles. I’m eager to make things better, have varied experience which directly fits with common organization needs, and am very VERY enthusiastic about meetings and getting to know people. So, here it goes.