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Breakfast Letters Take Two

01 February 2024

Months ago, at Wiggle Work, we were inspired by Sarah Gebauer’s months-long daily blog publishing. So impressed and energized by this work that we decided in a whiteboard session it might be fun to attempt this ourselves. We planned in January and aimed for a February kickoff. And so, happy February, and welcome to the Wiggle Work Winter Writing Workshop.

Video Chat Topic Examples

08 January 2024

Inspired by Matt Stein’s sharing of Rafał Pastuszak’s work, I’m now offering more easily available video call chats. Part of the preparations involved generating a list of example topics. So, while I’m open to chatting about whatever’s stuck on your mind, there are some things I get especially energetic about, and perhaps we have that in common–what a beautiful thing when that happens.

Why Wiggle Work: People

20 December 2023

The people at Wiggle Work, aka Wigglers, are what make it so special. Our cozy little Discord community is currently at 62 members. 60% are developers or engineers, 17% are designers, and the remaining professions are around marketing, content creation, project management, executive roles, operations, and leadership coaching. There’s an overwhelming amount of remote work experience here, with most folks fitting in the over ten-year range.

Why Wiggle Work: Events

13 December 2023

For last week’s Why Wiggle Work I gave a mini tour of our Discord channels. Today, I wanted to share a look at our specific events. These are always some of the trickier aspects of navigating an online community. There are different time zones, different work schedules, and it can be challenging to get people’s attention to let them know what’s going on. But, when it works out it’s absolutely delightful and goes a long way in establishing proper bonds.

Why Wiggle Work: Channels

06 December 2023

I’m aiming to publish Some Super Short blog posts on Wiggle Work Wednesdays revolving around Why Wiggle Work–why you should join us and why people are sticking around. I usually stick with Mastodon posts around this topic on Wednesdays, but I think it would be helpful to be able to provide a bit more insight. Choosing a community, after all, is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Daily Discussion Prompts, the Wiggle Work Way

15 November 2023

One of my favorite aspects of the Wiggle Work community so far is the daily discussion prompts in the general channel. Monday through Saturday, I post a prompt to kick off the day. Sometimes, the discussions stay within what’s posted, and better yet, sometimes, we end up on a weird path that at first glance, has no connection to the original prompt. For instance, one day, we started with “Friendly Fight” topics like dogs vs cats and landed on food safety guidelines. It’s a fun, unique way to get to know each other better fairly quickly since it brings up topics that would likely never come up organically–like someone sharing that they tape holiday cards to their ceiling.