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Why Wiggle Work: People

20 December 2023

The people at Wiggle Work, aka Wigglers, are what make it so special. Our cozy little Discord community is currently at 62 members. 60% are developers or engineers, 17% are designers, and the remaining professions are around marketing, content creation, project management, executive roles, operations, and leadership coaching. There’s an overwhelming amount of remote work experience here, with most folks fitting in the over ten-year range.

The first thing you’ll notice is how welcoming and friendly everyone is. Being new and saying hello is generally a moment of dread when joining something, but these initial feelings of hesitation won’t last long here. You’ll be enthusiastically welcomed and embraced. We’ll ask silly and essential questions, and you’re free to jump into ongoing convos in general, the distraction-den channel, or wherever you’d like to go–there’s no need to shy away from jumping right in.

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I’ve managed and joined many communities–Wigglers are different. The people here have helped make it a genuine, kind, fun, delightfully weird space. It’s not about impressing people or marketing–it’s a haven from these exhausting, unrealistic, and hollow expectations.

You’ll find people laughing, being vulnerable, sharing successes and struggles, offering support and encouragement, and seeking and offering professional and personal advice. The 62 people that have joined so far have made this an exceptional community already. It’s all the best parts of having in-person colleagues and friends without the weird breakroom drama.

I look forward to hanging out with everyone daily, and I have come to get a decent sense of personalities and quirks. For instance, I know exactly who to run to when I have a toast mishap, who is hanging holiday cards on their ceiling as we speak, and who can deliver the perfectly crafted distraction when needed most.

I’ve overheard more than one person say that they’ve “found their people” here, and I feel exactly the same. You can make real, lasting connections at Wiggle Work, and I’m so grateful they continue to hang out.

If this sounds like a group you’d like to be a part of, we’d love the chance to welcome you, share our thoughts on life and work, and ask you what a sandwich named after you would consist of and be called.

There’s a little wiggly application here–see you soon, friend.