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New Project: An Apple A Day

02 December 2014

…keeps the dev blues away? I don’t know, I just like illustrated fruit.

I am a total sucker for an adorably themed daily coding exercise project. The very first one that ever caught my eye was Alex Bergin’s A to Z CSS animations. He did an amazing job with this and it was really neat to see the alphabet unfold and come to life. Would be impossible for me to choose the one I hearted the most from all these.

A to Z in CSS

The next one that got my equally as excited was the single div project by Lynn Fisher. I mean, look at that crayon!

one div crayon

Most recently “A Triangle Each Day” had my attention. I love the simplicity of the triangle theme and the endless opportunities it presents. The sleepy elk demo was my favorite, because adorable.

CSS triangle elk

I decided to start this little project because I am finding there are certain skills I just don’t use on a daily basis while I work. If I don’t practice something regularly I completely forget it (seriously, it’s like it never happened), so this is my attempt at keeping the skills I do have fresh to death but also learning new things as I go.

The theme I decided to go with, which may shock exactly no one, is apples. I’m not sure how frequent this will be, but will try to create one quick pen a day. This may not be realistic, but “An Apple on Random Occasions” just didn’t have the same ring to it.

Basically, I was just looking for a fun way to practice some coding skills without having the stress of deadlines and rules…other than the obvious self imposed rule of there needing to be apples involved; I’ve overused cherries in the past and am feeling pretty guilty.

An apple a day graphic

If you are interested in following along you can check the project out on GitHub here. For the first exercise I played around with using Sass for page color themes.

Any general comments or demo suggestions? I hang out on Twitter sometimes.