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CSS Animation Classes For Kids, Class 2

07 February 2017

This is the second class of a three series CSS animations for kids series; the first class and additional series details can be found here.

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All original teaching materials for these classes are open source, so please feel free to use them as is for copy and customize to your situation.

Class 2: Bounce Dot

While the first class, Shifty Eyes Dot, introduced @keyframes and worked through animating a dot along the x and y axes, this second class touches on some more advanced concepts, such as: opacity, animating size, coordinating two separate animations, manipulating the appearance of transitions through setting multiple moments, and defining transition timing in animation assignment.

Bounce motion summary illustration

The high-level HTML/CSS recap is able to be removed from this second class, but since it involves more complex animation concepts teachers should plan for this one to take about the same amount of time (1.5 hours).


Illustration showing animation timelines

Happy @keyframesing

Stickers are always hugely appreciated, especially with this age group. If you would like to have some Dot Doodl stickers printed (2.5 x 1.5 inches) up here’s the PDF. Dot Doodle stickers

See you soon with details for the next and last class, 3D Dot.