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Looking to Contribute to a Nonprofit Board

07 February 2021

I’m looking for a nonprofit board to join and I figured a blog post could be a way to put this out into the world–I understand these are not always advertised roles. I’m eager to make things better, have varied experience which directly fits with common organization needs, and am very VERY enthusiastic about meetings and getting to know people. So, here it goes.

I’ve come to fully realize that I have an Ela Conf sized hole in my heart. I miss contributing to such an essential mission and all the friendships I made along the way. Running Ela Conf was a challenging labor of love that proved endlessly rewarding and fulfilling in a way I have not been able to replicate. I’ve been thinking through ways to participate and contribute to a community again while respecting my current set of limitations and believe being part of a board would be an ideal arrangement.

My Background

Ultimately, my professional goal has always been the same–to start and run a nonprofit organization. My first job out of college was in the development office at Job Corps in New York. I knew then that working towards a mission each day that improved lives was what felt right and natural to me. It was where I belonged and the key to feeling energized about work. I went on to get a master’s degree in Nonprofit Administration from Chestnut Hill College in Philly, continuing on to work for several nonprofits and a county government. I wrote grants (largest awarded over $100,000) and managed programs for a few years before transitioning into design.

Collage Ela Conf and teaching photos

My fascination with design was inevitable. My favorite tasks at work, the tasks I jumped out of bed for, involved crafting impactful messages, identifying and solving communication gaps, creating engaging newsletters, and spreading the word about programs and pitching them in a way that won financial support. These were all design problems and I’ve learned how to marry these two seemingly separate professions into one coherent path. I haven’t abandoned my original career goals–I’ve ensured I can be as helpful and strategic as possible once I get there.

Interests and Passions

In looking at what I’ve gotten myself into over the years on evenings, weekends, and as work initiatives, I’ve shown to be most passionate and dedicated to teaching kids and removing barriers to tech education and creative hobbies.

Collage of art and teaching projects

I’ve created web design curriculum for women and kids (such as Tuts+ Town, The Shapes of SVG, Intro to Writing SVG, and Dot Doodl) and have raised funds and taught for organizations that do the same. My nonprofit experience was exclusively working with youth programs and I’ve spent a great deal of time doing the same in a design capacity. I find it to be an especially rewarding space and wholeheartedly believe in any mission that focuses on making high-paying tech jobs and enriching hobbies accessible to all kids and not simply a privileged few.

My son and I always try to share our adventures in native plant education, raising monarchs, school topics, doodling, and allergy-friendly baking in the most fun, energizing way possible and I’d be so honored to be able to do this for the right organization as well.

I’d like to help out a nonprofit that is focused on one of the following areas:

  • Kids in STEM
  • Professional development for youth
  • Art programs
  • Accessible gardening programs for kids
  • Access to school supplies
  • Park preservation and connecting kids with nature
  • Education around native plants and pollinators

Expertise–What I Can Do For You

As someone with professional experience as a writer and content strategist, conference organizer, brand designer, web designer, marketing designer, and project manager, here are specific areas where I feel I can bring the most value:

  • Marketing strategy and execution; brainstorming marketing initiatives and bringing them to life, writing and editing marketing copy to maximize understanding and action, designing marketing collateral
  • Branding design and messaging; creating or contributing to a cohesive and consistent visual identity, defining and documenting the organization’s voice and tone across all mediums
  • Community building and fundraising; brainstorming new opportunities, carrying out and promoting events, assisting with grant design and writing, presentation design
  • Web design; evaluating and improving upon an existing site, guiding process and design for new sites
  • Ensuring that the overall process for carrying out marketing campaigns is efficient and transparent

How Can I Help? Let’s Chat

If you are part of a nonprofit organization looking to round out board experience or know of one and would like to make a connection, please reach out. I’d be eager to set up a video call and talk details about how I can contribute to your mission and see if this could be a good fit for all.

💌 hello@jonitrythall.com