Hello, I’m Joni

I design and manage web projects.

Word Wrapping Woes

31 August 2015

For whatever reason I seem to fall face-first into odd, unexpected text wrapping issues more often than I’d like.

Designing Web Tutorials For Kids

01 June 2015

For the last couple months I’ve been developing a kid’s web design tutorial series for Tuts+, Tuts+ Town. There are eleven tutorials total and a couple of them were published recently and will continue to throughout June.

jQuery Snippet Heavy Hitters

26 January 2015

As with almost all things in this field that initially approach, JavaScript was (is) really intimidating. Now, I’m certainly not saying that I am some sort of expert now, but I am in deep enough at this point to detect that a large portion of what I need JavaScript for in the front-end world can be done with one of a few snippets of jQuery it seems.