Hello, I’m Joni

an excitable brand strategist

Project Proposal Essentials

21 May 2019

Much of my design career has been spent remotely freelancing or running a small agency, where thoughtful project proposals play a huge role in securing work. Both the format and content of these proposals has changed each year as I gain more experience with design, client communication, and project management.

My Favorite Products for Allergies and Sensitivities

22 January 2019

Due to loads of health issues in the house, including asthma, allergies, eczema, and just wildly sensitive skin and sinuses I have spent the past seven years searching for the safest skin, hair, and cleaning products.

Retiring Ela Conf

20 November 2018

The time has officially come to move on from a project that spanned nearly four years of my life. We published an open letter about Ela Conf’s retirement, but there are also some things I wanted to say on a more personal level here.

On Letting Go

17 October 2018

Since most of my work posts have and will continue to be on the YupGup blog, I’ve decided to claim this space for myself—sans design talk. It’s exciting and refreshing just to think about.

How I Address Remote Isolation

01 March 2018

A couple weeks ago I was writing a post about the need for flexible, remote work. As I was typing away it quickly and organically started to focus on tips for combating loneliness and I decided this topic was a priority and worthy of its own separate, personal post.