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Spring Into CSS Grid 🌼

24 April 2017

CSS Grid has been getting a lot of attention recently and I finally dedicated time this past weekend to sit down and get a basic understanding of how it works. It was an emotional rollercoaster of an experience (seriously, this is life changing stuff) but I was able put together some notes while creating my demo and wanted to share.

Announcing A Field Guide to Flexbox

09 March 2017

I created a weird resource a couple years ago that continues to be my most popular creation to date, a Flexbox Cheatsheet Cheatsheet; I still use this often myself. I’ve been asked several times if there is a printed version of this and recently decided to revamp the project and make it happen: A Field Guide to Flexbox.

Sass FUNction Demos

26 January 2017

I’ve been looking for mini mental distractions from our current political emergency a lot lately, which I have found through Sass and animations. Sass is incredibly powerful and I still find myself in awe of its potential. I set out to have fun with some areas that I don’t use much in my current day-to-day work tasks.

CSS Animation Classes For Kids, Class 1

23 January 2017

In a couple weeks I’ll begin teaching a short series of classes at a local middle school focused on getting started with CSS animations. I cannot wait. I will be publishing a blog post for each class and open sourcing all materials, to include: agenda, slides, teacher notes, demos, reference site, and original presentation images.

Intro To Writing SVG And Tuts+ Town Workshops

10 December 2016

Recently I spent some time gathering all my in-person workshop materials into single GitHub repositories for “Intro to Writing SVG” and “Tuts+ Town: Creating Our First Website” and thought I would share some details on these.