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A Look at SVG text

14 July 2014

The <text> element defines a graphic consisting of text. Writing and editing <text> in SVG provides a very powerful ability to create scalable text as graphics that can be easily changed and edited within the SVG code.

Using SVG stroke Attributes

01 July 2014

Using SVG inline provides total access to the graphic for complete customization and control over its output. This is especially handy when creating shapes by hand in the browser, or making edits to an existing graphic.

A Look At SVG viewBox and viewport

17 June 2014

In using the <svg> element we are establishing a fragment consisting of nested details in our document. This fragment has its own viewport and coordinate system which can seem very complex and intimidating when first getting started.

Animated Inline SVG Icons

08 May 2014

I recently did some experimenting with animating inline SVG icons and wanted to quickly review my process and the joys and frustrations I ran into.