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I design and manage web projects.

Animated Twitter Button

05 March 2014

For the most part, social media buttons and color change on hover go hand in hand. This gets the job done, but the possibilities with these things are literally endless. For this demo we will get pretty scandalous and push CSS beyond a basic color change for a Twitter button. Let’s take a look at the animation involved with a hinged button effect.

Eliminating Bottom Gaps Between Images

21 February 2014

Sometimes CSS makes me so happy. Sometimes it makes me cry, but then I find a solution and am even happier than when things just work. Using a trillion images is one recent example of things that start out seemingly easy, become surprisingly tricky, leads to pouting, and ultimately ends in joy and accomplishment.

Using Opacity In CSS Animations

12 February 2014

When I have a free minute I sit and create CSS creatures. This often (too often perhaps) leads to excitement and the inevitable desire to make the creature do things. To move.

Sass Variables In CSS Animations

05 February 2014

Sass meets CSS animation. This was officially the most fun I have had with self-assigned homework. I haven’t used Sass much since I wrote about it in this post a couple weeks ago, and I can’t get my head out of CSS animations these days, so why not practice both at once?