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jQuery Snippet Heavy Hitters

26 January 2015

As with almost all things in this field that initially approach, JavaScript was (is) really intimidating. Now, I’m certainly not saying that I am some sort of expert now, but I am in deep enough at this point to detect that a large portion of what I need JavaScript for in the front-end world can be done with one of a few snippets of jQuery it seems.

Command Line Primer Primer

14 January 2015

This post specifically addresses the Mac OS X Terminal. I can definitely say that one of the more intimidating things I accomplished in 2014 was getting comfortable with the command line process. I was very hesitant to even use it at first: What if I delete something? What if I tell my computer to spontaneously combust? Why is it so ugly?…I will just use apps!

It's All in Your head

05 January 2015

I was recently working on a small new project (with apples) and found myself feeling that the bulk of content witin the head tag was slightly comical. What exactly is all this stuff that (mostly) isn’t even seen by the site’s user? What’s essential? What’s just taking up space? What does it all do?

Learning to Pace Learning

30 December 2014

As with all my life lessons, I had to learn how to pace design and development studies the hard way.